Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Everybody is "Special"

When people tell me I'm special, I know what they really mean. I used to think that it meant I was unique and extraordinary, and I guess it can still mean that, but in a completely different way. Now, when people say, "you are special," I know that they really mean, "you are speshul."

In my defense, I am speshul because I grew up as the middle child of seven kids . . . that should explain enough, but for those of you who don't know what it's like to be part of a large family, allow me to enlighten you.

My childhood nights were filled with terror because I was convinced that the Boogie-Man lived in my basement. It didn't help that after watching Ernest Scared Stupid, my older siblings and cousins squeezed ketchup and mustard on their arms and told us the Trolls almost got them. They had run away in a zig-zag because trolls can't change directions very fast. After hearing that, my neighbor ran home away from the trolls, zig-zagging his way across our yards. We laugh about that now, but seriously, I almost wet myself because I was so scared. Although my older siblings loved to scare us, we always had so much fun together!

Growing up with creative siblings was so much fun. We were that family. Every neighborhood has one, and in my neighborhood, that was us. The one with the kids everywhere, reeking havoc, running around the street in dress-up clothes gathering acorns and flowers for our witch potions which we would then crush up and pretend to eat.

In creating this blog, I will use my experiences and observations to help everybody realize that they are speshul too. Everybody is unique and their experiences are what make them who they are. Throughout my life and experiences, I have come to realize that there is nobody too cool in this world to be quirky and awkward. So, hopefully, through my experiences you can feel relieved that maybe you aren't as weird as you might think.

So, embrace those awkward moments that are guaranteed to come your way as you let your speshul side out!