Friday, August 23, 2013

Budgeting Tips!!!

To go along with my previous post, here are some tips I have used to help me stay out of debt!!

When you first get paid, set aside the required amount for different payments in this order

1. Tithing - it is a commandment to pay 10% to the Lord. I'm not crazy for doing this. Just try it, and test out his promise in Malachi 3:8

2. Savings - so you can always have a little extra during the hard times. I grew up with always having a 20 dollar bill in cash with me and putting 50% into my savings. But, since I'm grown up now, 50% isn't really that doable, especially since I'm not super wealthy. . . but do what you can. 10% or 20% or something. Just be consistent!!

3. House/Rent - it is probably best if you pay this first so you can have a place to live

4. Utilities - let's just be honest. It isn't fun to live without electricity or anything like that

5. Car payment/insurance - Even though you have a regular payment/bill, you can also save money by taking other methods of transportation (bike, bus, walking, carpooling, etc. ) and not buying gas all the time.

6. Any other bills you might have - credit cards (P.S. Don't buy stuff on a credit card if you don't already have the money to pay for it!!! Stupid idea. Just use your card to build credit, not destroy it.)

7. Depending on how many people you have to provide for, set the rest aside for food/entertainment/more savings/rainy day fund. Save money on food costs and don't eat out. There are plenty of quick ways to make food without having the blown up price of eating out.


That's pretty much it. I hope it helps. Do you have any nifty tricks up your sleeve to help you budget or save money?


  1. One trick we have: any time we get a pay increase or money that we don't need to pay out regularly anymore, we automatically put the same amount in an account. That way, we're still living off of the same as before, and that money isn't magically absorbed (AKA disappeared) into our budget like it usually would be. Learned this one later in life.

    1. Ooo...that is definitely a nifty trick! Even when you get paid more, you still live like you aren't so you have more money later! You are smart! Thanks for sharing!